Parenting Coordination

A parenting coordinator tends to be appointed in high-conflict cases where the parties have difficulty effectively communicating regarding the children. The goal in appointing a parenting coordinator is to facilitate communication and decision-making between parties and focus on the children’s best interests. Parties may agree to this appointment, or it may be a judge's order. A parenting coordinator may be appointment if mediation has not been successful and there are ongoing issues to resolve, or after an Allocation or Custody Judgment has been entered and there is continuing conflict.

A parenting coordinator serves many functions, including:

  • Educate, mediate, and monitor court orders and make recommendations to the court as necessary, including approaches that will reduce conflict between parents and reduce unnecessary stress for the children.

  • Monitor parental behaviors and mediate disputes concerning parenting issues and report any allegations of noncompliance to the court, if necessary.

  • Recommend outside resources as needed, such as random drug screens, parenting classes and psychotherapy.

  • Recommend detailed guidelines or rules for communication between parents.

  • Maintain communication among all parties by serving, if necessary, as a conduit for information.

A parenting coordinator is allowed to meet with the parties, children, and third parties, as necessary. The goal is to resolve conflict and keep matters out of court, to the extent possible. Parenting coordinators can assist with the day-to-day parenting issues, such as scheduling matters for routine, holiday and special occasion parenting time, communication problems, and reimbursements for expenses, in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

A parenting coordinator cannot give a recommendation or opinion concerning the ultimate issue of fact, law, or mixed issue of fact and law as to allocation of parental responsibilities, visitation by a non-parent, or relocation, or make a modification of those matters that are already in a court order.

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