Interstate Parenting & Support

Interstate cases, whether divorce or parentage, can be more complicated for a variety of reasons. There may be a dispute over which state has the right to make decisions over different issues, and this may become contested by the parties due to the varying laws in different states such as for child support, maintenance, or parenting issues. There are additional concerns when a child has been taken out of the state without the other’s consent. If this has occurred, time is absolutely of the essence, because if the child has been out of state for a certain length of time, it may be more challenging to have the child returned to Illinois.

The Law Office of Erin M. Wilson LLC has experience in interstate parenting and support cases, including at its inception of determining which state the divorce or parentage case should be decided, enrolling judgments from other states in Illinois and enforcing them here, and with issues when children have been removed from Illinois.

Please contact The Law Office of Erin M. Wilson LLC for a consultation regarding interstate cases.